About While It Lasts

Hi, I’m Tina Beddow, Founder of While It Lasts.com. It all started in 2014 when my husband and I decided to move into a larger home and sell our recently renovated home — a cute little bungalow in Houston’s Garden Oaks. However, we quickly discovered that many of our beautiful furnishings in the bungalow simply would not fit or work well in our new environment. We realized that we had to think of something fast. Luckily, through various social media, online websites and friends, we were able to sell most of our excess furniture and accessories; but, at a substantial loss and a lot of hassle. There had to be a better way!

Then it hit me! What if there was one single, local website that you could go to sell or buy gently used furniture and décor for the home simply and affordably? A website that would provide Houstonians a fast, fun and easy way to buy and sell quality décor locally at a competitive price with no hassle. A website that would be open to everyone - from high end decorators, designers and builders to ‘do-it-yourself’ remodelers and homeowners. A website that designers and decorators could send their clients to browse for a one-of-a-kind buying and selling experience. So, we invented While It Lasts – your one-stop, online, home décor, shopping and selling resource. The rest, as they say, is history!


Company History

In 2014, an unintentional Houston entrepreneur created While it Lasts after seeing the need to easily connect local designers, individuals and retailers in a secure online environment to buy, sell and bid all things décor.

After refurbishing a 1938 Garden Oaks bungalow, and then moving into another property requiring restoration, she realized none of her existing furniture and decor matched the new home. Tina & her husband knew others had experienced the same problem. Suffering from move and remodel fatigue, the idea of shopping and driving all around Houston to find one of kind furnishings and décor was too much. Her goal was to create a digital trading market with eclectic flea market flair!

At While It Lasts, we strive to be your one stop (with no traffic) shopping, selling and auction experience. We hope you have as much fun shopping on our site as we did putting it together!!

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